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We are plumbing experts specialising in the assembling and replacement of entire plumbing installations across South Shields. We will help you with all breakdown issues related to pipes, downspouts, drains, taps, toilets, and heating circuits, repairing the frustrating crashes occurring in homes, such as water leaks, clogs, and blocked drains.

We strictly adhere to the United Kingdom regulatory policies when levying charges for our services, thus reserving our place among the most economical plumbing companies working in South Shields that deliver optimally and with a guarantee.

Get Safe Drain Unblocking Services with Us

You suddenly come across a clogged sink at home while you are going about your hectic routine, which now certainly is going to get hampered. The issue that surfaced at your home indeed showed some signs earlier that you might have overlooked. These could have been any of the following:

Now that you are stuck between what to do, call us immediately, and rest assured that we will deal with the issue promptly and perfectly.

As the drain unblocker company, we help with all emergency drain unblocking and regular drain maintenance nuisances, giving the best solutions for drain unblocking in residential and commercial settings. We can be instantly reached if you want an indoor or outdoor drain unblocked.

Reasons the Drains Get Blocked

The frustration caused by a blocked drain is immense and justified. The issue usually emerges when debris or drain from solid substances, such as concrete, resin, and grease, get stuck within the pipes. Below are a few reasons that cause drain blockage:

Blocked Drains
Blocked Drains
  • Narrow Pipes: Narrow pipes lead to the piling of debris and other waste matter, causing a blockage.
  • Misuse of Sewer: Discarding insoluble or hard materials and substances, such as grease, tissues, oil, and hair, into the drain can accumulate inside, leading to clogged drains.
  • Neglecting Maintenance: Getting the drain cleared every couple of years is an ideal practice to prevent drains from clogging.
  • Decay and Damage: With time, the metal pipe can likely corrode or damage, turning into a blocked drain pipe.

Get Quality Handling of Blocked Drains

If the commercial drain unblockers fail to clear out the clogged channels, our professional team uses one of the two procedures to clear the blocked drain; rodding and jetting.

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Blocked Drains

Drain Rodding

In this procedure, we use a plumbing rod to feed through the pipes, detecting and clearing out the debris in the drain. The rod is solid yet flexible enough to make it through the bends and toss out the blockage. Our technicians may reach the clog using a maintenance hole, depending on where the waste matter lies.

Drain Jetting

This process uses pressurised water to clear the passages and break up clogs deep into the drain pipes. The clogs will likely be more stubborn and tough and, consequently, need a tough solution. With a specially designed hose spraying a forced stream of water in a 360-degree pattern, we strike out all the debris through the channels and get your water flowing again.

We keep a gamut of jets suitable for different purposes to clear up the amassed waste with minimum fuss and no damage to the pipes. The method is safe and environmentally friendly.

Blocked Drains

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Benefits You Should Not Overlook

Our unblocking procedure comes with several benefits. These are:

It is Precise and Accurate:

If you choose to toss out the piled-up waste using chemical cleaners and other methods, you will likely leave much of the debris behind. As the drain unblocker company, we get to the clogged location with exactness and seek the complete removal of the matter.  

It Helps You Save Money:

Timely maintenance wards off any possible leakage and repair issues in the future, thus saving the copious amount of money otherwise wasted on water leakage and reparation charges.

Simple, Prompt, and Affordable Method:

Picking a professional for your issue will save you time, costs, and effort. A small investment in your drain maintenance might help you fix a problem that will otherwise cost you thousands of pounds if not tackled before time.

Minimising Mould Growth Chances:

Mould and bacteria thrive in moisture, creating unhealthy conditions to live in. The clogged pipes resulting in slow-draining of sinks and collected water can foster mould growth, neglecting which will lead to the possibility of spending a large amount of money on mould remediation in the future.

Blocked Drains

Do Away with Noises and Foul Odours

Get to enjoy the fresh atmosphere free of any foul gases, which would normally permeate along with the annoying noises from walls and flushes, if your house suffers from blocked drains.

Extends the Life Span of Pipes

Eliminating clogs as soon as they build up increases the pipes’ lifespan. Waiting too long will cause your pipes to suffer and you eventually needing a complete re-piping.

Does Your Blocked Drain Need a Professional Service?

Professional plumbers have the specific tools and equipment to handle the job, and only the right equipment will most safely and effectively remove the blockage. Also, proper training and experience are essential; otherwise, the pipes will suffer more harm than good, getting damaged as a result. It is therefore best to hire the most experienced professionals for your plumbing services.

Drain Unblocking Cost

Your blocked drains cost depends on several factors:

Blocked Drains

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